Here’s the schedule for the December 1-3, 2017.

Friday, Dec. 1:

2:00: Welcome and Orientation for whole workshop—conference center at lodge

3:30—5:30: Critique Group 1.

6:00: Cocktail party and dinner at lodge dining room

Magnus presentation on Henry Miller


Saturday, Dec. 2:

7:30: Breakfast—optional

8:45—10:45:  Critique Group 2

11:00—Noon: Editors Panel—Q&A

Noon:  Boxed lunch –pick-up in dining room

1:15: Free time—revising time.

3:45—5:45: Critique Group 1

6:15: Dinner

8:00: Eric Adams talk on Structure—conference center


Sunday, Dec. 3:

7:30: Breakfast

8:45—10:45: Critique Group 2

11:00—Noon: Agents Panel

Noon: Check out and lunch–Farewell


Both critique groups meet twice. Different manuscripts or chapters may be brought to different groups. Bring 6 copies of whatever you decide to bring to share with groups.

Entire picture books may be read, some writers will work on first 7-10 pages, and some on entire chapters. Bring this schedule with you to workshop.

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