We are now open for Registration for December 2017!


How to Register: Either of two ways.

1. Call the Library at 831-667-2574 (Thursday – Sunday 11AM – 6PM) with a credit card. This is the easiest and fastest option.

2. Print out a DWW 17 Registration  and send it along with a check (see below for pricing options), to Henry Miller Memorial Library / Attn: Big Sur Writing Workshop / 48603 Highway 1 / Big Sur, CA 93920. (you can also e-mail the form filled in and we’ll call you back for a CC#).

Pricing Options

Full Package   $860.00
Includes a shared room at the Big Sur Lodge, all meals (includes tax and grats), the entire workshop, and reception Friday evening.”Shared room” means 2 people per room. You’ll have your own bedroom but “share” a common area.

Full Package (Private Room) $1060
All of the above but with a private room. No roommate.

Local Rate $750
For locals not needing a room at the Big Sur Lodge, but attending the workshop including all meals and the reception.

Guest Rate $390
For a guest not participating in the workshop, but sharing a room including all meals and the reception.

Alumni Discount: If you are an alumni of the Big Sur Writing Workshop please deduct 10% of the basic package: 860 x 0.1 = 86   |  860 – 86 = $774

Other important information

  • Register early! We will be in close contact with you about when you can expect to have confirmation.
  • After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and be asked to submit a writing sample to writing@henrymiller.org. The sample should include the first two pages of text (single spaced), or up to the first 500 words. If you like you can include a synopsis/description of how you feel you need help, what your strengths are, weaknesses, etc.. We will take a close look at that as well.
  • Works may not be accepted if the content falls outside the faculty area of expertise, or if the director feels the work and writer would not benefit from attending the workshop. You will be notified as soon as possible, with a full refund of registration fee, should your work not be approved.
  • Bring 6 copies of what you plan to work on at workshop. There may be time to work on more than one project so feel free to bring a second manuscript. You can also bring a whole manuscript with two or three areas to work on not forgetting to bring six copies of that extra work as well.
  • Cancellation policy: 75% refund if cancelled three weeks prior to starting date. After that, no refund.


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