Pricing and Important Info

Both critique groups meet twice. Different manuscripts or chapters may be brought to different groups. Bring 6 copies of whatever you decide to bring to share with groups. Entire picture books may be read, some writers will work on first 7-10 pages, and some on entire chapters. Bring a schedule with you to workshop. (will be e-mailed to you).

How much will it cost?

• The entire weekend package is $ 860.00. This includes a shared room at the Big Sur Lodge, all meals (incl. Tax and grats), the entire workshop, and reception Friday evening.

• Shared accommodations mean two participants per room. If you would like a private room, there is an additional $200.00 cost for the weekend.

• For a guest not participating in the workshop, but sharing a room including all meals and the reception, the cost is $ 390.00

• For locals, not needing a room at the Big Sur Lodge, but attending the workshop including all meals and the reception, the price is $ 750.00.

• Previous participants receive a 10% discount on the base price.


• Works may not be accepted if the content falls outside the faculty area of expertise, or if the director feels the work and writer would not benefit from attending the workshop. You will be notified as soon as possible, with a full refund of registration fee, should your work not be approved. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance is via email. The submitted material will be used by faculty for individual meetings during conference and will not be returned nor should it be counted as one of the copies you should bring to workshop.

• Register early. We sell out and keep the workshop small for personal attention.

• Bring 5 copies of what you plan to work on at workshop. There may be time to work on more than one project so feel free to bring a second manuscript. (you can also bring a whole manuscript with two or three areas to work on not forgetting to bring five copies of that extra work as well).



*Rooms have no TV, radio or alarm clocks. Plan to write. Bring pads, laptops. (Printers are available but if you have a portable one please bring it!). Bring flashlight, comfortable clothes and shoes & rain gear. Bring alarm clock. There is no wake-up service.

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