So you’ve registered for the Big Sur Writing Workshop at the Big Sur Lodge.  That’s fabulous.  Or you’re thinking about registering.  That’s not bad either.  We’ll try to clarify things.

How do I get to the Big Sur Lodge at Pfeiffer State Park?

Big Sur Lodge Oak TreeThe Lodge is located 30 miles south of Carmel in Big Sur’s Pfeiffer State Park, 47225 Highway One  Big Sur, CA 93920.

What’s the nearest airport?

That’d be the Monterey Peninsula Airport.  The drive down the beautiful coast to the State Park Lodge takes a little less than one hour. Airports within 3 hours driving time to the Lodge are San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco airports.

Will there be carpooling/car rental options?
Yes!  We will send out an e-mail to all participants prior to the workshop to facilitate carpooling and car rentals.  Highly recommended!

What should I bring?
Rooms have no TV, radio, or alarm clocks.  Plan to write.  Bring pads, laptops (personal printers are good to bring as well.)  Bring a flashlight, comfortable clothes and shoes, and rain gear.  Bring an alarm clock.  There is no wake-up service!  The possibility for a gorgeous winter storm is likely!

When’s check-in?
Check-in at the hotel is between 12 and 2 PM, however, due to the check-out time being 12PM there is no absolute guarantee aeiel-Tichardsonthat you’ll be accessing your room until 3.  In the unlikely event you won’t be able to access your room right away, the hotel will be able to safely store your luggage until your room is ready.

What if I want to stay extra nights?
If you are interested in staying extra nights before or after the workshop please call the hotel directly at 831-667-3100. Mention that you are part of the Big Sur Writing Workshop to get a discount on the room rate.

What can I expect in terms of critique groups?
The main format is small critique groups consisting of four to six people in each critique group with all or most writers writing in the same genre as much as is possible with the number of attendees and number of people writing in each genre.

How many pages should I bring?  How many copies?
Sessions are two hours each and you will meet with 2 different faculty members, twice. So bring…

  • Six copies of the chapters or parts of the manuscript you wish to focus on at the workshop. Some writers work on one or two chapters in depth, some on many pages as each writer has a unique experience, so it is good to have extra copies just in case.
  • At least one full copy of each manuscript.

What about the dress code?
Dress code is casual and comfortable. We will have a couple of cocktail parties but it’ll all be informal, casual and fun.

Questions? E-mail or Call us! 831-667-2574.

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