It’s time for some Q&A.

Do aspiring children and YA writers come to the Big Sur Writing Workshop — the next one is March 1-3, 2013; taking registrations HERE – and, say, hone and sharpen their manuscripts under the tuo of our world-class faculty? Yes.

Big Sur Writing Workshop alumni Chris Howard

Do they walk away from the workshop satisfied, so much so that they write us gushing, mind-blowing testimonials about how amazing it was? Yes – and you can read some of them here.

Lastly, do some bring their manuscript, catch the eye of an attending Andrea Brown agent, and poof! get a publishing deal? Oh yes. Quite often, in fact – you can read some of them here, AND, keep reading because this next one’s a doozy.

The YA author Chris Howard attended a past Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop and, well, take it away Publisher’s Weekly:

His unpublished first novel had caught the attention of an agent, Laura Rennert of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, whom Howard had met at writing workshops in Denver and Big Sur, Calif., and then signed with in 2010. It was Rennert’s rejection of his first novel that gave him “the encouragement and confidence to tackle a new story.”

Howard’s future editor, Mallory Kass, was also at the Big Sur Writing Workshop, as faculty. Kass bought Rootless in mid-2011, and Howard has been gratified by the input he’s received from both agent and editor. “One of the greatest things Mallory said to me was that it’s her job to make sure readers got to experience my vision of the novel as clearly as possible. She was never trying to put ideas in my head or change the story,” he says.

Read the whole thing here.

The aforementioned story is elegant in its simplicity – aspiring writer comes to workshop, meets agent, gets publishing deal (it’s not very often when real-life is this orderly and sublime, no?) – but it’s also quite common.

There are dozens of Chris Howards out there – again, read about them all here – and odds are, there’s a few of you out there, just waiting to be discovered. You can’t hide from us forever!

But Andrea Brown’s agents won’t come knocking at your door. That’d be creepy. You gotta sign up, so do so now and here before it sells out like it always does.

And congrats Chris!





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