First off, forgive us for the crass Occupy-related blog title.  But sometimes the stuff just writes itself.

After all, it is true: the Henry Miller Library – the brains behind the Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop – is packing up its stuff, driving north, and setting up shop at the Independent Marketplace, a new and cool art space in Sand City, CA, on April 5th.   It’s located at 600 Ortiz Ave. Sand City, CA.

We’ll be there from 4-10 pm, doing what we do best, namely, showing some of the best movies from our Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, starting at 8pm!  In addition, we’ll bring some books, eat, drink, and hang out.  But wait, there’s more!!

  • * Grab dinner from hot food vendors like Babaloo Cuban Food truck and Aqua Terra, buy produce from artesian farmers like Serendipity Farms, enjoy fresh bread from Big Sur Bakery and confections from Sweet Elena’s and other wonderful treats catered to the entire family.
  • * Enjoy organic biodynamic wines being presented by Monterey’s up and coming winemakers or beer selections presented by Post No Bills Craft Beer House.
  •  * Check out handmade art and artifacts from Big Sur Artists while listening to our live music and DJ sets Big Sur Spirit Garden’s Jayson Fann.

It all kinda reminds me of Lollapoolza, circa 1994.  Minus a fierce performance by Ministry.

The event is free to the public with a $5 to $20 suggested donation to Henry Miller Library ($2 for students).

Bottom line: Come see us on April 5th in Sand City.  (Even more information here.)

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