The Big Sur Writing Workshop from children’s to young adult fiction, just wrapped up this weekend, and that can only mean one thing: more success stories.

Indeed – in preparation for the next workshop, to be held in early December in Big Sur, we’ll be posting the happy testimonials from alumni who had a wonderful time, and, if your thing, secured a publishing deal with the attendant agents from the esteemed Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

Today’s installment is from Elle Cosimano. Read it below; and in the meantime, check the site often, Like us on Facebook, and join the e-mail list – don’t let the December workshop pass you by!

I attended the Big Sur Writing Workshop in December of 2010. I was so nervous the day I read my opening pages out loud. I’d never read my work to anyone (except my mother) and I had no idea what to expect.

I had the rare and wonderful privilege to work with Sarah Zarr on my opening chapters, and Jen Rofe helped me polish my sample query. I came away from the weekend with constructive feedback, a sense of direction, supportive and talented critique partners, and so many new friends.

Two months later, I began querying my book, and signed with one of the industry’s top literary agents. My first novel, DEAD BLUE, recently sold in a two book, six figure pre-empt to Kathy Dawson of Dial/Penguin Books for Young Readers. I couldn’t be happier!

My heartfelt thanks to you and all the staff who made the Big Sur Writers Workshop such a special experience.

Elle Cosimano

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