The Big Sur Writing Workshop’s final-final-final deadline is tomorrow, February 17th.  To register, go here, or call us at the Henry Miller Library: 831-667-2574.

And since, as writers, deadlines dictate our lives, some of us may be still on the fence about registering.  And that’s fair.

Our glowing testimonials aside, the workshop is a commitment, and some writers may feel they’re just “not ready,” professionally-speaking, to take the plunge and have intensive critique groups and hands-on feedback from our amazing faculty.  That’s also fair.

To those in this camp, we suggest reading this awesome post courtesy of Elephants on a Trapeze, aka, the blog of writer    In it, she guides us through her thought process as to whether to register for the workshop.  (Spoiler alert: she registers!)

And in the process, she makes a more articulate and compelling case for registration – especially for those relatively new to children’s writing – than we ever could.

Money quotes (read the whole thing here):

* “…and I saw Casey McCormick‘s post about it a few weeks ago, and all of a sudden I was thinking thoughts like, It’s only BARELY out of my price range, and Why not? Because really, WHY NOT? I’ve been seriously plugging away at this writing thing for close to two years now, and to be honest, I haven’t really gotten where I wanted to be (or even close).

* “So I registered. Which turned out to be a great decision right off the bat, as it forced me to write a query for the first time. I think it’s sort of okay, but who really knows? (Hint: After this workshop, I will!)”

* “I’m really, really excited. For the first time ever, my writing is going to be in front of (relatively) objective eyes. Specifically, objective eyes from one of the most respected children’s lit agencies in the country (Andrea Brown Literary). I had a dream about it last night, that’s how crazy excited I am…”

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