Chris Howard is the author of the “Rootless” – check out his home page and Facebook page – and, coincidentally, an alumni of the Big Sur Writing Workshop.  Hmmm…perhaps it’s not such a coincidence after all…

Here’s Chris’ testimonial about his most recent workshop experience (and yes, the workshop registration deadline has been extended to Feb 17th – go here or call 831-667-2574):


Attending the Big Sur Workshop was one of the greatest things I ever did.   I came out of the experience with both an agent and an editor, and not two years after attending Big Sur, my first novel will be on the shelves.

Even if I hadn’t been positioned at the right place at the right time, even if this was another story I had to scrap and start over, going to Big Sur still would have been an amazing experience.  The place itself is inspirational, the people who attend are brilliant to be around, and the faculty was superb – you get excellent and honest feedback in the small-group critique sessions.  Everyone you meet is helpful and friendly and supportive.

I loved that my phone didn’t work and I had no access to the internet.  You can walk around among the trees and the mist. and you can stay up all night writing and there’s a delicious breakfast and hot coffee waiting on you the next morning.  If you’re thinking of going – then GO! You learn a lot.   And it’s blast.   I made friends to last a lifetime, and very much look forward to going back.


The deadline to register for the Big Sur Writing Workshop is February 10th!  Register here!

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