You can read it here. 

It’s very nice of them, particularly this line,”what I love about this conference is the small writer-to-faculty ratio, which is 5 to 1 or less, with a guarantee you’ll work closely with at least three different faculty. ”

And it’s true.  Unlike other conferences, where you sit and listen to panels and lectures –  nothing wrong with that, of course – the Big Sur Writing Workshop is hands-on and intensive.  If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, then it will be very rewarding.

You may also notice some really nice comment on the Literary Rambles post, such as:

* “I’ve attended in the past and loved it. This is a great workshop. I can’t make it this year but I’ll try to put it on my list for next year. Thanks for the reminder!”

* “I’ve always wanted to attend this conference. Big Sur is so beautiful, and it’s a fantastic writing opportunity.”

We didn’t pay’em to write that!

Anyway, spots are filling up – deadline is February 10th – so you can still register here.

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