he rich get richer, as they say, but not in the Mitt Romney stashing his cash in the Cayman Islands kind of way.

Rather, we’re talking about the Big Sur Writing Workshop for young adult fiction writers, which’ll take place March 2-4 in Seaside, CA, and the fact that our already-awesome faculty is now getting awesomer with the addition of Brandy Rivers.

That's Range of Light WildernessShe’s a literary manager and producer who runs the book-to-tv/film department at Magnet Management. If you’ve seen her name around the web recently, it was probably in connection to Myra McEntire’s HOURGLASS, which she recently sold to Fox on behalf of Holly Root at Waxman Literary Agency.

You can read up more about her below; we’re still accepting registrations, so call 831-667-2574. Oh, and the Facebook thingie here too.

Bask in the bountifulness that is the Big Sur Writing Workshop! It’s a far more certain thing than expecting Mitt to release his tax returns.

Brandy Rivers is currently a literary manager/producer working in both film and television at Magnet Management. In that capacity, she is responsible for representing authors, screenwriters, and directors as well as developing underlying material including novels, articles, blogs, video games and life rights for production.

Among her many clients, she currently represents: television writer Chris McKenna (Co-Executive Producer on NBC’s COMMUNITY), television writer Jeff Davis (showrunner for the MTV television series TEEN WOLF, and creator of CRIMINAL MINDS), screen and television writer Craig Titley (CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF, and NBC television series THE CAPE), author Robyn Harding (CHRONICLES OF A MIDLIFE CRISIS published by Berkley Trade and in TV development with ABC Studios), author and television writer Angela Nissel (Co-Executive producer on NBC and then ABC’s SCRUBS, as well as, Fox’s TIL DEATH, her book THE BROKE DIARIES is in development at Lionsgate with Oprah producing, and a MIXED is in television development at HBO with Halle Barry attached), and author Myra McEntire (HOURGLASS published by Egmont and in feature film development at Fox).

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