You may recall, last week we let you know that Brandy Rivers was added to the faculty for our Big Sur Writing Workshop for young adult fiction writers, which’ll take place March 2-4 in Seaside, CA.

She’s a literary manager and producer who runs the book-to-tv/film department at Magnet Management. If you’ve seen her name around the web recently, it was probably in connection to Myra McEntire’s HOURGLASS, which she recently sold to Fox on behalf of Holly Root at Waxman Literary Agency.

We’d like to call your attention this particularly cool interview with her in the blog Literary Rambles. In it, Brandy guides us through the confusing and exciting world of children’s publishing, licensing, and the process of turning a book into a movie.

Really cool stuff, and extremely applicable, as many Big Sur Workshop alumni have secured publishing deals from coming to our workshops and rubbing shoulders with agents like Brandy. Excerpt:

How does a book-to-film/tv deal come about? Walk us through a deal.

Book to film/tv deals can come about in a million different ways. Sometimes a studio head, network exec, or big star will fall in love with a piece of material they come across in their day to day lives and make a preemptive offer. Other times, an intern will be combing through the slush pile and find something amazing that works its way up the development chain until it turns into a deal….continued here.

Really fascinating stuff. See you in March – registration is still open; call 831-667-2574!

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